Wednesday, 1 April 2009


I have finally decided that my 3mp camera phone just won't do and I will soon be the proud owner of this little beauty. I literally spent all day yesterday getting lost in the depths of the digital camera world. There are definitly times when you can have too much choice! By the evening I had gone mad trying to work out whether one camera's lack of image stabilisation was going to be the bain (funnily enough this is not a word I have to use very often and I have no idea how to spell it!) of my life or whether I might be able to live without it considering I've managed to sleep fairly well at night these last few years with what might be wobbly pictures. Well I shall soon find out. I finally managed to decide on this one. If anyone has any advice on which camera I should have bought (probably too late now, but feel free to let me know that this is a wonderful camera and my day was well spent) then please pass on your knowledge.

What all this means though is that I will soon be getting far more involved in my blogging and etsying and all those other things that nice cameras are for!

I'm also back in France for the week and I'm hoping I'll be able to pay a trip to that factory surplus store again...

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