Saturday, 1 August 2009

All Change Please

A little bit of exciting news... My blog is moving!

I finally did the logical thing and made all of my various blogs/emails/websites have the same name. Much less confusing!

Blogger has come up trumps and I was able to move all my posts and comments across to the new address. So if all of you lovely people following me (and those of you who aren't yet) would like to add...

to whatever blog following tool they use I will be a very happy bunny! Also those of you who are super amazing and have me in their links section, would you be able to change that too? I also have a little ad you can stick on the side of your blog if you fancy doing a swap...

I also have a new email...

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

What I'm Working On

More upcycled knickers for my custom order... 2 down 4 to go.
I invested in a beautiful padded coathanger to display my creations on. It's made my photographic life so much easier and I feel the photos do the knickers justice at last.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Toast and Champagne

It's my friend's birthday today. I'm taking her to Bob Bob Ricard for toast and champagne. I made her this upcycled plate to tell her about our trip...

In other news...

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

At Last! Something New...

It's been a while! I feel a bit like I'm wading through treacle at the moment. Everything seems so much more work than usual and I don't seem to be satisfied with anything. I have at last got a new pair of knickers ready for listing. I decided to make these knickers extra special so I have made a little matching pouch to keep them in...

The pouch's lining matches the knickers and the illustration is original and hand-drawn.

If you have suggestions for improvements for anything (photography, banners, products, names...) hit me with them, you will make me really very happy. I'm a bit lost at the moment so any guidance will help me get back on track.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Upcycled Purse

As seen in the last post, here is the purse I made for my friend Olly from Wollies.

It's made from plastic bags and vintage pillowcases. A nice bit of eco-friendly craft.

I'll be making some more of these purses soon. If you are interested in owning one let me know!

I'm off to Ireland for a few days and I'm fairly sure I won't have internet access. So have a good week and I will finally show you those new knickers when I'm back!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Let there be light (so you can see some things the postman brought me)

I woke up this morning to a day I had dedicated to photograph-taking, only to find that the week of lovely sun was over. Some lovely people on twitter (I really do have to eat my words, twitter is brilliant) pointed me in the right direction for creating a light-box. A Blue-Peter style hour later and I was the proud owner of a handmade mini-studio.

So here are the results... a few things I received in the post recently:

Some labels to make my Pretty Green items prettier and more professional.

A beautiful haircomb by Hopelessly Devoted. I've been wearing it everyday since!

And here you can see the fruits of my labour. I need to get a lamp which will stand a few more watts, but otherwise I'm very happy. You can also see a sneek-peek of my next post!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I'm a Twit(terer)

I have finally caved in and signed up to twitter! I was a little bit fed up with hearing about the site that I'd sort of avoided it in a very small one-(wo)man boycott. However I'm having to eat my words because I have now jumped on the band wagon and, once I get the hang of it, I will be twittering away.

I would be very happy if you decide to follow me:
I mainly decided to give it a go because I don't want to clutter this blog up too much. I want to spend a bit of time over every post and make sure they're all on track. However, with twitter I get the feeling you can twitter all over the place about everything and anything. I'm finally going to be able to share all the things I find in my moments of internet procrastination!
If you have twitter please leave me your link in the comments. I would love to have some more people to follow.

I have a new pair of knickers to show you and a new idea i'm pretty proud of. I just need to take some more photos. In the mean time here is a sneak preview...