Thursday, 9 April 2009

Camera Saga sorted... I think

The Olympus camera had arrived when I got back from France. I looked at the box and decided to just stick with it. Having used it a bit I can understand the criticisms, but to be honest with all the choice of cameras available for the time being I'm sure I'll be able to settle with this one rather than having to search through the camera jungle again!

Now I've decided to keep my camera a whole new world has been opened up to me, I have many things to show you, but for now I'll just stick to this camera case as I've already written about it...

(pictures taken by my new camera... so not sooo bad!)

As I mentioned before I was heavily influenced by Hine and her beautiful cases. As I made this while I was in France I had to use measurements from the internet and it is a little too large. I think I will make my camera a little padded tube to slide into inside the case for added protection and mostly because then it won't rattle around.

While I was in France I managed to pop by the shop which sells factory leftovers again. I picked up another big bag of elastics and underwear supplies in some beautiful colours. I also grabbed a few extra bits which I don't think I will use so I will be putting them on etsy later this evening if anyone is interested.

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Anonymous said...

Love the camera case, very groooovy! I'd order one of those too, but I think the purse will do for the moment; I must control my buying sprees otherwise I'll end up like Mrs. Bovary and her Mr. L'heureux...hope revision is going well Xx