Sunday, 29 March 2009

Birthday Presents

I've been making a few knitted and crocheted presents for friends recently.

This bow is from knitorama. The people who wrote this book have a shop down the road from me. The books they write are very funny and include useful things such as baguette holders and a knitted bikini. I made this bow into a brooch, but I'm thinking of making lots of bows in different colours and putting them everywhere.

This moustache ties round the back of the head. It was inspired by this pattern, which I had already made as a present for my boyfriend. I haven't got a picture of the whole balaclava yet, but he wore it when he was playing at a gig the other night so maybe someone will have taken a photo of it in action! Back to this moustache... I didn't manage to get a photo, but when you take the moustache off the daper gentleman on the card you can see his pink cheeks!

On a completely different subject, I should have at least one new item for my etsy shop this week so keep a look out...

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nath said...

love the bow and the tache!