Sunday, 19 April 2009

My Own Fair Hands Only Reached For The Purse

I'm meant to be studying at the moment so less creative pursuits are taking place (actually this is a lie, many a procrastination project has been started it's just that I don't get round to finishing them because then I'd have to admit that I'm really not working)

However I have noticed that my usual stingy and thrifty self is transformed by the chore of revising and suddenly I get flash with my (non-existent) cash. Last revision session I ended up with a new alarm clock, 3 books I have and never will read, 2 new dresses and photo frame. It is terrible how easy it is to shop online, some sites even remember my card number so I don't even have the moment of down-to-earth logic when I have to reach for my purse to save me.

This time round I thought I was being better and have largely managed to avoid my online shopping demons (the Laura Ashley website is my worst weakness). However I have just been shopping in real shops with real money. I am not sure which is worse.

I did come away with these beautiful shoes though and as a further time wasting pursuit I have photographed them for your viewing delight...

Please excuse my hideously pasty leg and instead concentrate on my bargain success. These Cavella shoes were reduced from £80 to £19 and most importantly were IN MY SIZE.

I shall be wearing them with another procrastination find... these 1940s hair tutorials courtesy of super kawaii mama

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