Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Glue and Glitter

I recently made my first proper etsy purchase. I had bought several supplies, but never something indulgent and beautiful for myself. This is the necklace that I bought. It made me giggle and I love the little chain for the receiver. I think I might have the etsy bug... I loved the personal touch to buying something which you knew someone had spent time over. It's like buying yourself a present!
It's made by the wonderful Laura @ Glue and Glitter. Laura also tagged me on her blog to answer some questions about myself. As I recently listed my favourite things for the Kreativ Blogger post I won't bore you with too much more information about myself, but thank you very much Laura for thinking of me! Instead I shall just give a 'Best Of' of the answers I would have given - you can guess the questions...
Neither tea or coffee... I'm not good with caffeine.
Big clumpy purple patent DocMartins
Biting my nails
The street cleaning machine


Frollein von Sofa said...

this is so so cute...!!! I love old-fashioned telephones...great purchase !

Anonymous said...

Good choice! I love the little bubble coming out of the telephone. It should say bonjour really! Hope you're well Xx

Anonymous said...

that's so pretty <3