Friday, 19 June 2009

Celia Birtwell Inspired Knickers

A friend of mine had a very sweet dress which was unfortunately very tight and falling apart. As I had been shamefully disorganised and forgotten her birthday I told her I'd make her a pair of knickers out of the dress as a belated present. Upcycling material which is no longer being used into something pretty at its best! When I showed my flatmate she said they reminded her of Celia Birtwell's style and now I can't look at them without thinking the same thing.


Glueandglitter said...

That's a fab idea! I must remember to keep any fabric so I can get you to make some special knickers from them!

They do remind me of Celia too!

Clare said...

@ Glueandglitter
I would be very happy to custom make you some knickers!
You may be onto something there too... A custom knicker upcycling service!

Kate said...

they're so pretty!! Definitely a celia birtwell tribute :) Ooh and twitter away! I had the same feeling as you at first but it's actually quite fun and you get to introduce your stuff (and find out about others) to a whole lot a new people. Let me know if and when you join :)

nath said...

they are ravishing. what a clever you are!