Saturday, 20 June 2009

Custom Knicker Upcycling Service

Thanks to a lovely comment from Laura @ Glue & Glitter I was inspired to start my own

**Custom Knicker Upcycling Service**

Here's the idea...

If you have:

a favourite dress with a massive stain

a tshirt which doesn't fit anymore

a curtain which is missing it's pair

a charity shop bargain with an amazing print, but no idea what to do with it

or any other piece of much loved fabric lying aroung which no longer has a use... don't throw it away unnecessarily.

Send it to me and I'll give it a new life by transforming it into a custom-made pair of knickers!

Visit my folksy or etsy shops for more details!


Glueandglitter said...

Great idea! OOO I really must have some fabric lying around somewhere? Ill have to have a big sort out to see what I have. I know to look out for good fabrics now too! Yay. You can never have too many knickers (especiall when the washing machine eats them!).

Glueandglitter said...

Hi Clare, thanks for putting my ad on your blog! Just send me yours over when you're ready and i'll post it with the others!

Thanks again.

marta lucy summer said...

excellent excellent idea!
and i totally have bits of fabric lying around, i'll have a look through and get back to you. the knickers i bought from you are AMAZING, btw. i kind of wish there was a way of showing them off more (just without the need to undress in public, or draw anyone's attention to yr underwear in the first place, haha)

Clare said...

Laura... I can't wait to see what exciting fabric you'll find me! When I get back to England I'll take exact measurements of the pattern I use so that way you'll know how much you need.

Hi Marta...
I'm so glad you like the knickers. Any feed-back on the fit etc would be very helpful. I'll do you some pictures of your knickers, that way you can show people without excessive exposure!

LaĆ­s Da Silveira said...

Oh, gosh!
I loved your blog =B

Thanks for helping me with my English, wich is not quite well xD
I'm just like you when its about sewing ^^ ...I pretend, when I finish college (I study publicity in Rio de Janeiro), study Fashion design in an Italian Course, in Millan (wich one, by the way, has a branch office in London ^^...

But I do sew at home!!^^ As soon as possible I'll publish some of my expirements! xD

add you here.
Kisses and hugs, with coconut icecream =B

Aya Smith said...

This is not only the most amusing idea, but the most cute and fun I've ever seen!!! How wonderful, I will definitely be looking for some fabric as knickers now :D :D