Monday, 6 July 2009

Let there be light (so you can see some things the postman brought me)

I woke up this morning to a day I had dedicated to photograph-taking, only to find that the week of lovely sun was over. Some lovely people on twitter (I really do have to eat my words, twitter is brilliant) pointed me in the right direction for creating a light-box. A Blue-Peter style hour later and I was the proud owner of a handmade mini-studio.

So here are the results... a few things I received in the post recently:

Some labels to make my Pretty Green items prettier and more professional.

A beautiful haircomb by Hopelessly Devoted. I've been wearing it everyday since!

And here you can see the fruits of my labour. I need to get a lamp which will stand a few more watts, but otherwise I'm very happy. You can also see a sneek-peek of my next post!


Sweetpea Design House said...

Nice Lightbox!!!

Hope mine turns out as good as yours!! Where did you get your Pretty Green labels made??

Clare said...

Ah thanks... I actually used some left over paper napkins instead of fabric... Even cheaper!

I meant to add a link to the label site actually. I'll go do that now.

marta lucy summer said...

wow, what a brilliant call! it looks awesome, not to mention how useful. i'll have to make one for picture-taking of small items, too! and really smart move with the labels, + they're pretty as hell.

Maria Confer said...

Oh, my!! I need to do this!! This is why I love blogging, I seriously learn new things everyday!!

Love your labels!! Such a gorgeous comb!