Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I'm a Twit(terer)

I have finally caved in and signed up to twitter! I was a little bit fed up with hearing about the site that I'd sort of avoided it in a very small one-(wo)man boycott. However I'm having to eat my words because I have now jumped on the band wagon and, once I get the hang of it, I will be twittering away.

I would be very happy if you decide to follow me:
I mainly decided to give it a go because I don't want to clutter this blog up too much. I want to spend a bit of time over every post and make sure they're all on track. However, with twitter I get the feeling you can twitter all over the place about everything and anything. I'm finally going to be able to share all the things I find in my moments of internet procrastination!
If you have twitter please leave me your link in the comments. I would love to have some more people to follow.

I have a new pair of knickers to show you and a new idea i'm pretty proud of. I just need to take some more photos. In the mean time here is a sneak preview...


Glueandglitter said...

YAY! me too, I gave in and joined two days ago! haha. So much for standing up to it!

L'armadio del delitto said...

Hello! Merci de ton commentaire sur mon blog et excuse ma réponse tardive (j'étais en vacances). Alors tu apprends le français et l'italien? Ton français est très bon, je suis sure que tu es très bonne en italien aussi!
Je viens de parcourir ton blog et il est vraiment beau!

Gillian said...

Really like the new knickers design! Following you on twitter now - check out twitgoo to tweet pictures - very handy! G

yiqin; said...

I have an account! But I never know what to say..hmm

caitlin shearer said...

thanks for the link to the hair curling tutorial. its perfect!!

Clare said...

I'm actually really enjoying it, maybe I should have realised that's why people use it!

@ l'armadio del
j'ai vu les photos de tes vacances, je suis jalouse! Je suis contente que tu aimes mon blog, j'espere que tu reviendrai!

thanks for following me and thanks for the tip about pictures. I'm still getting used to the basics, but I'll be sure to explore twitgoo when I get more adventurous.

I'll try and follow you. I'm sure you have plenty of interesting things to say!

@caitlin shearer
I'm glad it was helpful, I hope you post pictures of the result.

Aya Smith said...

It's great to see you on twitter, and thank you for adding me! ^_^

Jack McCready said...

Beautiful bird, great post!

Maria Confer said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment and for following me on Twitter, I'm now following you as well!!

I tried to avoid twitter too, but I finally caved a few months ago. If you can't beat them, join them!

Anonymous said...

those knickers look really cute! and lovely blog btw *follows*